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Counselling Services & Workshops

Counselling at NEC

Counselling model at NEC

NEC’s approach to counselling is holistic, considering the mind, heart, body, and spiritual aspects of well-being.

Counselling areas that we work with:

Relationship difficulties

Depression / anxiety

Building coping skills

Suicidal thoughts

Abuse in intimate relationships or adult sexual assault

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Survivors of Indian Residential Schools and/or foster care

Grief and loss

Counselling is open to community members in the Vancouver Coastal Health Region.

Personal Counselling

Our licensed counsellors provide a safe and confidential environment to help our Indigenous learners transition to student life.

Indigenous Counselling Services

Meet our Team

Students can drop-in or make an appointment. 

Family Violence Resources Counsellor

Kim Bayer

Kim is a member of the Métis Nation BC and this provides the lens for her lifelong learning. She has worked in health and social services sectors, nationally, provincially, and in community-based roles. She began her career in the field of early childhood education, which led to roles as a community support worker, child welfare social worker, and as a talking circle facilitator offering educational workshops on family violence-related topics.

Before joining NEC, Kim worked at UBC as an Indigenous community engagement liaison.

Kim has an undergraduate degree in psychology and graduate degrees in cultural studies and in community counselling psychology.

Please call or email for a list of community-based group workshops.


George Durocher

George was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK. His journey led him to Vancouver BC over 30 years ago in his youth years. Moving forward to complete years of education and training in Life Skills Coaching/Instructor, Holistic Wellness Counselling, Addictions and Clinical Counselling domains. He’s rooted in his Metis/Cree/French culture and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others with his Holistic Counselling and Life Skills Practices to guide people forward to a better self. He has over 25 years work experience in the helping/healing domains in Counselling and Coaching, as he is a registered Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling (MPCC)/(RPC) Registered Professional Counsellors with (CPCA) Canadian Professional Counselling Association of Canada


NEC Workshops

Explore different workshops that will help you discover and develop new skills.

Find out about the support and workshops available to help you succeed. Workshops and events are open to all NEC students

Workshop and group offerings vary throughout the year. If you are interested in a workshop or group that is not presently offered, please contact us with your interest at If we have sufficient interest in a workshop or group, we will offer it as soon as possible.


Honouring MMIWG2S event with the Wildflower Drum Group

Coffee House
Coffee House

NEC students are welcome to participate in activities that help them develop their communication, expression and confidence. Students can share songs, poetry, spoken words, acting & music.

Indigenous Veterans Day

Poppy-making and arts materials; open mic for poems, words, songs


Workshop topics:
  • Coping with Anxiety & Grounding Activities
  • Getting Things Done”: Change Process & Goal Setting
  • Healthy Relationships, Healthy Boundaries
  • Lateral Violence & Toolkit Ideas for Lateral Kindness
  • Life Writing: Applications for Healing and Wellbeing
  • Lifting the Fog: Coping with Depression
  • Medicine Wheel Teachings
  • Photovoice & Applications for Individual Wellness
  • Resilience & Strength-Based Approaches to Wellness (Narrative Therapy)
  • 7 Grandfather Teachings (Love, Courage, Humility, Honesty, Respect, Truth, Wisdom)


  • Recovery & Peer Support Circle
  • Cultural Arts – Beading, painting, drum making
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