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Are you ready for a meaningful career path that positively impacts your community?

If you still have doubts about enrolling in Native Education College, we invite you to speak with our Student & Financial Aid Advisor department to eliminate uncertainties


How to apply

1. Research your program and check admission requirements

Congratulations! For getting interested in looking for options for upgrading your education, this is how it starts. Check out our program listing and the admissions requirements for the one that suits your interests.

2. Submit your application form & complete admission requirements

We invite you to apply online or in person at NEC facilities - Once your application is received by the Admissions Department, a confirmation email will be sent listing the additional admission requirements that need to be completed

3. Confirming Your Acceptance

Once you have submitted requirements and are admitted into the program, you will receive an acceptance letter outlining: Program description, tuition and fees, list of courses, start & end dates for courses, and credits earned. We also invite you to schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Advisor to discuss your funding options.  You'll receive information about scholarships, bursaries, band funding, and referrals to other funding agencies.

Find the best program for you right here.

NEC offers certificate and diploma programs that give you the knowledge, confidence and qualifications that support your professional goals and interests.

Explore our Longhouse and campus!

We invite you to plan a tour or register for our upcoming Open House event; NEC is known for the sense of community that can be felt around the fireplace.

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